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For Sale

Useful Items and Other Things For Sale By Thunder Warriors.

Sometimes, Thunder Warriors Member(s) will have things that they want to sell, and will post it here on the webpage. What you will see below will be a list of what each person is selling, ( If anything ).

LitaKino: Selling Imbued Northman RingMail Armor.
Belt,Helmet, Arms,Sholders,Gloves and Boots will be sold at 50pp.
Cloak,Tunic, and Pants will be sold at 75pp.
Bracer (2), Neck, and Vail will sell for 35pp.
If you are interrested in any of this armor, please send LitaKino a tell.

Jacar: One Dose SOW Potion: 12pp
          Five Dose SOW Potion: 55pp
          Ten Dose SOW Potion: 100pp.
If you are interested, Please send Jacar a tell.