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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

Today we had a great spur-of-the-moment raid in SplitPaw.

Our gang consisted of Sorenold, Cyrico, Mysteryy, Tedorm, Iwik, Jacar, and Tosstal.

I believe there were three dingages too but unfortunately I forgot who one was for possibly Iwik? Both Mysteryy and Tosstal dinged 31 while on the raid.

No fancy loot dropped to report about just the usual split paw armor and finesteel basically.

Sorenold led the group, using his vast knowledge of SplitPaw, and was our main assist.

We had a few exciting moments when there was a full room pop and agro but it was great to get the adrenaline rush and everyone held their own and worked together really wonderfully as a group.

My apologies to everyone I didnt get any great fight screenshots of this one. However I do have one of some of the group in the Paw.

Hope to see you at the next raid and/or event. If we actually get a chance to plan a few we will let you know more in advance. Until enjoy our little throw together grouping and raids.



The MistMoore Raid

Wednesday,September 11th, 2002

Hi folks here is a quick rundown of what happened on
our Mistmoore raid.

We had a great turnout of ten folks so we ran two
groups. We got to welcome Utare back to the family.
We did pretty good we made it to the graveyard and
could of held it without a problem. However, we had a
slight problem with non-compliance. End result, as the
screenshots will show you, is a slaughter of our

Please folks it is IMPERATIVE that you listen to your
raid leader and whomever they may designate as their
assistant.  You do not go wandering off on your own or
pulling if you are not the puller. You must learn
patience and wait for the main assist to  tell you
when to assist him/her.

I am sure we all learned a good lesson from this raid.
So let's continue kicking butt and working together
gang. Thunder Warriors will ROCK Norrath and beyond!!!


MistMoore Raid