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Member Attributes
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Thunder Warriors Member Attributes

Here will be listed the special features of each member in the guild. This page will be good for those of you that would want a quick reference on where to go if you need something for your character. For example, Blacksmithing, the art of making armor. Cyrico, is one of the best blacksmithers I know of, if you wanted armor, Cyrico of the Thunder Warriors is a good person to pay a visit to and talk with if you need armor. The following lists on the page will display the special arts and techniques of each Thunder Warrior Member, As each member specializes in a art, they will be posted.

BlackSmithing: Cyrico, LitaKino

Tailoring: Mysteryy

Baking: Dermann

Alchemy ( art of making potions ): Mysteryy, Jacar, Dermann