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The Thunder Warriors Mandate
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It is possible to solo your character or ad-hoc group to get to the levels of around 40's. The software however is designed specifically so that to achieve higher levels, you can not solo MOB's which will allow you to gain experience, and therefore can not elevate to the highest levels without large, well coordinated groups, with members of each of the character classes made available on the game.


Our Guild is comprised of many individuals who have very diverse working schedules, sporadic game times, and a narrow spectrum of character classes. Because of our Guild home base in halas, we also are comprised of characters primarily consisting of warriors and shamans. These conditions do not lend itself to the ability of our guild to easily, or quickly, organizing large numbers and diverse character groups which can carry out higher level raids or quests for obtaining difficult to obtain experience and character items, needed to take our characters to the upper levels.


To provide a guild environment where every member has the people and expertise around them that can assist them to achieve the highest level they desire while maintaining their personal life and schedule so the game does not interfere with their obligations at home. To achieve this without feeling they are subservient to any other member of the guild, and knowing they have earned their level and game equipment, because they received assistance as a group, and advice on strategy, not because they were simply "given" items to "tweek" them.

REMEMBER: A Thunder Warrior will Kill it, Loot it, Quest it, and Buy it, but they will do it politely, and they will never Beg it!


1. Harassment of other members of the game or guild will not be tolerated. This breaks up the guild by making the good people leave. If you consider it a joke, and someone asks that you quit, take it with dignity and nock it off (different people have different levels of tolerance).

2. We need people to become experts in their own different races and class. Each area of expertise is needed for epic quests. Experts are also needed for different geographic areas of the game as well as different MOB's. These will be our "Subject Matter Experts". These SME's are; Class, Race, Skill, Area, MOB, Technique, Quest.

3. Never "Loot Hog", and do not engage in petty squables. This also breaks up a guild. Agree to a loot order before you start (don't always use "alpha", the X's don't appreciate it). For rare items use a "roll".

4. Always give technical advice to fellow guild members, and be willing to learn new techniques. There are many methods in which groups will need to be capable of operating together to create success instead of disaster. Guild officers take the initiative to set up small raids or quests with lower level members so they can learn.

5. If there is an area you hunt in particular which provides you with an abundance of one specific loot, you can place it in the guild bank (this is the Druid called "Pakmewl".These are the items we will use to insure new members a "Basic Issure Of Equipment". It is NOT INTENDED that old and high level expexperianced members neeed to give away their rare, valuable items.

6. We will need to develop a list of what each class player needs to have, as their basic issue of equipment. This will include only items we can readily loot, NOT expensive, rare, money, or Lore, items.

7. We want new members, but we want to insure that they are not simply joining to obtain some equipment items, so they can quit the guild the next day, or that they were not serious about the game to start. For this reason we will not recruit members until they are at least level 10. But provide encouragement to them at these lower levels, so they know that they will be wanted.

8. New members will need to be escorted to East Commons and taught how to purchase items so they can upgrade themselves when they save enough money, so obtaining everything is not a battle.

9. Upper level members should take a guild member (or few) "under wing", and mentor them as much as convenient.

10. We will try to establish a new base of operations for guild which will remain in place for several weeks at a time, and rotate every so often. In this way everyone can get acquainted with each area of the game, and have an opportunity to level up in that area to the maximum extent possible, obtain the type of loot available in that area, and meet and recruit people from each area. However, Halas will remain our home, and primary base of operation.



A few guild rules that should be kept in mind at all times while adventuring with Thunder Warriors to keep peace within the guild, and make everyones roll in the guild easier:

1.And MOST of all, Respect for everyone. In order to receive it you must show it.

2. Be kind and considerate. Thunder Warriors is made up of a big kind and caring group of people. We hope that everyone will respect and always be willing to help each other in the guild.

3. Bring out the best in you, and in Thunder Warriors. Remember: By wearing the < Thunder Warriors > guild tag, you are representing our guild. Give people and everyone you meet a good representation of the guild.

4. PLEASE - Do not use /anon in in the guild. Reasons for this being that when you are /anon, for 1, The Thunder Warriors guild tag doesn't show behind your name, and therefore, we don't know if your really in the guild or not. #2, when you type /who all guild, which is how you find out who is currently online and in the guild, if your /anon, you dont' show up as online!!. #3, it's easy to pose as a Thunder Warrior Member / Officer with /anon, which needless to say isn't right. So in other simple words, While in /anon, it's like you don't even exist as a Thunder warrior. Now, if you don't want your level shown, but the guild tag shown up in all /who's, simply type /roleplay. This way your lvl and current zone location will be anon, but you will show up as a Thunder Warrior on all /who's and will have the guild tag behind your name as well.


LITAKINO Our Founder and overall Ever Quest leveling, and skills expert.

MYSTERYY Our Guild Coordinator and Public Relations Officer Extrordinair, and leveling and skills expert, and Guild Raid & Quest expert.

TEDORM Our Guild Web Site Master for developing and maintaining the site.